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A surge in traffic to an old post (on Roko's Basilisk, of all things) reminded me that I have this blog sitting here untended, like an overgrown garden except for that fact that in this case the garden is more under grown. So I plan to post more in the near future, once our move is done.

Our two-year stint in Texas is almost over, and we're moving to mid-coast Maine, right outside of Camden. I can't wait. We've got a lovely new house sitting in a few acres of forest, near lakes, mountains, and the ocean, all of which is located in a place that I'm reliably informed doesn't regularly hit 105 degrees. 

In the meantime, I've got a second novel that's taking me away from shopping the first one (still haven't gotten around to the whole distribution part of the "writing novels" gig). Progress on that is hampered by the fact that we're quickly running out of furniture, and it's hard to write without furniture.

"No, let's put our furniture on Craigslist now. I know we've got a whole month until we move, but these things take time to sell."
[Two days later]
"You know, floors are surprisingly comfortable. Pass the paper plate, please."



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